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Biannual Meeting

62nd UKNG Leeds 26/27 Nov 2021


Friday 26th Nov

12-2:00pm UKNG Committee meeting


1:30-2pm Arrival: tea and coffee: Mezzanine Level

Meeting room: Rum/Tiree on Mezzanine level


2pm-3:30pm Session I: Aneurysms

2:00-2:15 Long-term follow-up of Contour Device. H Ktayen, Leeds

2:15-2:30 Role of VerifyNow in flow diversion. E Mohamed, Edinburgh

2:30-2:45 Can you survive WebGame H Seng, Birmingham

2:45-3:00 Experience with WEB in 200+ cases. D Srihari, P Maliakal, Hull


3:30-4pm Afternoon break


4pm-5:30pm Session II: Ischaemia

4:00-4:30 Introduction to the MEVO trial (video link). M Goyal, M Hill Calgary, Ca

4:30-4:45 Transradial access for Mechanical Thrombectomy. Z Hashim, Stoke

4:45-5:00 Experience with 50+ cases of MIVI device. J Wareham, Bristol


5:45pm-7pm Business Meeting


Lock Bar available from 5:30-7:30pm


8pm Shears Yard


Sat 27th Nov 2021

9am-10:30am Session III: New Technology

09:00-09:30: Michel Piotin: Robotics in Neuroendovascular procedures

09:30-10:30 Open session on new devices and technology


10:30am-11am Coffee/tea


11am-12:30pm Session IV: AVMs

11:00-11:30 Prof Rene Chapot: Recent development in transvenous embolization of AVMs

11:30-11:45 Management of brain AVMs, Preston Experience. S Wuppalapati, Preston

11:45-12:00 AVM Experience. P Rangi, London


12:30pm-13:30pm: Buffet Lunch and depart